I wrote a New Book The Lovers Pentacle

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I wrote a New Book The Lovers Pentacle

I recently completed a new book called The Lovers Pentacle. There person in the front cover is yours, truly. I have gotten into the habit of dressing up for some of the front covers.

This time I am cosplaying as a Cuban psychic. I wore a white pajama, and a white scarf on my head. The only color comes from the bracelets and the tarot cards. We enlarged the cards in order to make them more visible to the audience.

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I am holding up the Lovers Card and the 5 Pentacles. Both cards feature a couple. The first couple is Adam and Eve in paradise, and the other is a homeless couple walking through the snow.

The other background elements are there to invoke a sense of whimsicalness and humor. We used an aging software to make me look like an old hag. The borders and the writing of the front cover is meant to resemble a tarot card.

artsy sister, teresita blanco books, the lovers

I hope that you can appreciate the effort that went into designing this front cover. The book is also a lot of fun. It takes place in a magical land called South Florida.

The reader gets to know Miami, Hialeah, Islamorada, Islandia, Miami Beach, and Homestead. So, it is the perfect book for someone who wants to see all that South Florida has to offer. The book takes place in 2003.

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I wanted it to take place before Social Medias became the center of everyone’s existence. The book is only 230 something pages long or 72,000 words.

It is neither too short, nor too long. I hope you have a fun time reading my new book. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, teresita blanco, the lovers pentacle

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