Teresita Blanco’s Novels are Getting Publishing in the Nook

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Teresita Blanco’s Novels are Getting Publishing in the Nook

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If you own a Nook, rejoice! Teresita Blanco books are getting published in the Nook library. These are the latest editions of my novels. They come with new front covers, and titles.

Teresita Blanco | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

They are also 5000 words shorter. I am a big fan of the less is more approach. I am always trimming the fat of all my books. The Saturnastra series is now called the Wonderer Saga.

The Sacred Mask is now Sacred Mask. I removed the word “the” from the title. I added a subtitle to the book series. The Sacred Mask books also got split in half. I split them into smaller books to make them easier for the reader to digest.

I also republished my poems in 3 volumes. These volumes include a few new poems. So, if you own a Barnes and Noble Nook, do give my books a read.

They are all 2.99. Once I publish all of them, I will see about selling them at a discount price. Everything is a work in process. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.    

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