What am I writing Now? Lover’s Pentacle 3

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What am I writing Now? Lover’s Pentacle 3

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I wanted to give you a short status update on my writing. I recently finished the Sacred Mask 5. The series is going to be on ice for the time being. One could almost say that I ran out of ideas for it.

While I wait for inspiration to come, I am going to write a new Lover’s Pentacle. I already have two Lovers book already planned in the back of my head. Now, it is just a matter of sitting down and writing the story.

The good thing about series is that once you get a feel for it, you already know how to manage the characters and the world. Book one is usually the hardest one to write.

It does the heavy lifting of establishing the world and introducing the main characters. With the first book out of the way, the rest is usually smooth sailing. I think I ranted enough about my writing.

I hope you look forward to a new Lover’s Pentacle book. Scary Cat is also in the woodworks. It is about halfway done.

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