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I took a couple of teaser photos for my new stop motion video. It will feature Elvira giving the presents to the dolls. I will not tell you the order of events. Then again, you could just wait for me to get around to compiling the video and putting the voice. Depending on the schedule, the video may come out before or after Christmas. Either way, I hope you find it amusing. Ange the little doll did not ask for anything, she only cried. For that reason, Elvira dressed as Mrs. Claus got her a baby bottle with some chocolate...

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This blog features some of the dress rehearsal attires for the Christmas Stop Motion bjd doll video. I will eventually post in the actual video on this blog. Yesterday, I got a little carried away with the Youtube nonsense. I ended up making a terrible looking video. One part is HD, but the main action looked terrible. In high sight, we did not think this one through. Then again, I was never into that video game streaming thing. I need a new type of gaming gimmick. Regardless, it is going to stay there to see how everything turns out in...

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I had forgotten that I also posted the videos in the Artsy Sister website. I need to put as many references to the videos as much as possible, and vise versa. I am just trying out new things to try to keep things fresh. The first one is an Among us Parody. I then did a nice thanksgiving video. I also mentioned some travel paintings and the like. My best one so far has been the magic doll. All in all, I hope that you find my nice stop motion efforts amusing. It takes a lot of time, and effort,...

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The year 2020 is almost over. It started pretty nicely, and then everything went sour. Sometimes they lift you up, in order to smack you against the floor with great speed. After January, things have been pretty hectic, and sometimes intolerable. With the staying at home nonsense, I got a couple of new books published here and there. I also started doll theater. I have been getting a little better with Doll Theater as time progresses. Some skits are good, and others are ok. It is all a matter of straying creative. I think for next year, I am going...

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I know that it is technically not Thanksgiving. Still, I decided to get a head start with the Doll Theater video. If I make it on the same day, it might be a while before it is online. First thing first, I wanted to show you some of the little pictures I took at the end of the video. These ones are more of little promos for the Stop Motion video that is coming out. I know that Stop Motion is a dead art, but I am bringing it back. I don’t have the patience to learn computer animation. These...

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