BJD Black Swan Coral Reef Doll Elizabeth Photoshoot

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BJD Black Swan Coral Reef Doll Elizabeth Photoshoot

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I did a new bjd doll photoshoot. I rummaged through my ballerina dresses. I realized that my Elizabeth had yet to sport the black swan dress. The outfit required a bit of mending.

I had to tie a ribbon around her waist. This allowed for the dress to fit closely into her To compliment the red ribbon, I had her wear red socks. This gave her quite the stunning contrast of colors. I had a cute little cape.

The cape had red and black elements. This helped to tie all the elements together. For a wig, I chose silver grey. I wasn’t too keen on using a black wig. The silver wig seemed a lot more fun for my swan.

The background had to be stylish, but not steal attention. I went for bright colors. Had I used black, the doll would have been swallowed into the background. I took some battle pose photos here and there.

If she is to dress like a ballerina, the doll should at least try to dance like one. It was a lot of fun to dress and photograph the doll. I also made a video of my doll for my Artsy Sister Tiktok and Youtube.

Please do like and subscribe. I think I ranted enough about my dolls for one day. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.   

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