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I made a new Christmas themed Hollow Knight fanart. This time I did a parody of the movie poster of A Nightmare Before Christmas. This time it is A Nightmare King Before Christmas. Playing the role of Jack Skellington is the Nightmare King.   Sally is played by Emilitia. Zero is the Grimm Child. The others are played by Zote, Chibi and Hornet. It was not a very complicated drawing. It was fun to draw the characters in different outfits. Grimm’s tuxedo looks pretty interesting.   This is the second time the Nightmare King appears in a Christmas Fanart. The...

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Today, I did a new Hollow Knight Christmas fanart. I chose to reference the movie classic White Christmas. I saw that old movie a long time ago. They just don’t make good movie musicals anymore. I have a thing for old movies. I make Hollow Knight fanarts of them from time to time. In this one, I had Hornet, Quirrel, the Collector and Emilitia as the two main couples of the movie. The movie poster also showed a sled with two horses. I added the Nightmare Grimm in the background, with two Grimmsteeds. That area needed a dab of red....

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Christmas is just around the corner. So, I decided to do an Xmas Hollow knight fanart. I chose the movie Home Alone for my parody. This time it is Hornet who is Home Alone. She sees in the window two robbers that are about to break into her house.   Hornet fights with silk and spikes. So, she seems like a good trap expert. For the Wet Bandits, I chose Lace and Sharpe. Both are bosses from Silksong. They had the perfect look for this fanart. Lace’s weapon even resembles a crowbar. Instead of a flashlight, I drew one of...

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I made a new Hollow Knight fanart. This one is for Thanksgiving. I went for a comedic effect. Instead of a Turkey, they are going to eat a roasted Grub. Behind the collector, there is the Grub father. Of course, you could say that they are going to eat a mimic.   Mimics tend to pretend to be little Grubs. They only show their true colors when they attack. After they die, their corpses resemble little grubs. So, this is another way you can interpret the drawing. If only to give you peace of mind. The other important food at...

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Today, I chose Star Wars for my Hollow Knight fanart. I swapped out Leia and Luke for Hornet and the Chibi Knight. Hornet calls him Ghost. I think that it is a bit rude. He is alive and well. He is even somebody’s mother. I am talking about the Grimm Child. He can’t be a ghost if he has a child. All stupid jokes aside this is the poster that I made. I zoomed into the characters a bit. There was a lot of dead space in the original Star Wars poster. I used the Black Egg as a stand...

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