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While walking through the city, I saw this cool looking Museum or art gallery. I wanted to go inside and see the paintings, but we had to keep moving. The photo was taken close to sunset. This shows in the odd reflection in the window. Upon closer examination it seems like an old man is being held by gunpoint or something. He is cowering in front of that strange women. He could also be exclaiming at the sight of the bizarre looking fish. The photo is up to interpretation. I am not one to look through my old work a...

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This is one of my early drawings from High School. This was my language art teacher Mrs. Sanchez. She wanted to be a singer, but had to settle for teaching. I used to always doodle in the side of my composition book. To manage the chaos, she gave me my first sketch pad, and first drawing pencil. I made that portrait on a slow day.  I cannot say this meant much at the time, or even now. I was bored at school, and this was something to do. She was standing still a lot, looking at a movie or something,...

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I first heard of Tardigrades through the documentary Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey. This little critter is one of the many micro animals that live in a water droplet. I thought it was interesting the story about it. He can survive in out of space, and does not need to eat food for a year.  I decided one day to do an acrylic painting about this little critter. He is dreaming about his time in space. I placed him inside a water droplet, since he spends most of his time there. The painting itself did not take too long. I...

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All artists and mangaka artist have a favorite color. It is sometimes not obvious which is the favorite color. People tend to compromise their likes in order to be liked by others. As for me, I like pink. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I wish there were nicer pink dresses. Transparency is also a bit hard to manage. I handled transparency by just drawing the shapes in black and then painting beneath the dress. Jewelry also requites plenty of work. As a short hand, people tend to just color the jewelry yellow or just use metallic pencils.  This...

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