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For the last two months, there has been a bit of drought in Florida.  A lot of grasses have burned up killing trees in their wake. I saw in a documentary that grasses sometimes randomly dry up, even when they don't have to. Grasses are insidious like that some times. They do so whenever they are getting too much competitions from trees. Anyhow, recently, the rains started to return. This allowed for this beautiful rose to blossom. A few other buttons are growing along with it. My family as of late is not too big in on photographing the garden....

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Today, I was feeling a bit nostalgic about going pool. As such, I felt like talking about water and waterproof cameras. One would think that with the technology already existing, people would do more underwater photography. Even in professional shows, they rather fake it, than get down in there. It is not so hard, just get a nice face mask, and a one of those waterproof cameras, and then snap pictures. The thing with most of these photos, it that one cannot tell how it comes out till you get the camera out of its protective casing. I do not...

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The Noble seagull one of the most photographed birds in the planet. Everyone in the world has possibly at least a dozen or so seagull photos. Here is my best photo of he seagull. Aside from pigeons, seagulls enjoy a timeless popularity. I do not know why people are fascinated by seagulls. Then again, seagulls go hand in hand with the ocean scene. People don't feel like they went to the beach without photographing seagulls, or feeding them.  It certainly removes their incentive to hunt. Then again, humans has practically fished out their prey. The least they can do is...

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I took this photo in a restaurant that no longer exists. The Hurricane Irma came and it took with it many things. People think that by now the area should have recovered. However, this has not been the case. Even places insured are seeing slow, painful progress. Most of the boats on the coast got docked in the middle of the road. They are ruined, and will not be able to sail again. Hurricanes are scary, and even if you do not live on the coast, you still get ruined by them one way or another.  The day the Hurricane...

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While in Miami Beach I saw this cool mural on a wall. I am not certain if it is still there or not. I also do not remember where I saw this. I tend to take a lot of photos and only now I bothered to look through them. It was something I did to pass the time in the beach. I never did like swimming in the beach. Aside from waiting for the time to pass, there was not much for me to do. I am afraid of fishes.  That point aside, here is the cool mural. It has...

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