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As of now, I am waiting for the Nintendo to charge so I can play it on the big TV. We recently got a new video game. We ended up playing a lot of it. It is one of those little indie platformers. I think it is called Hollow Knight. You should check it out, it is only like 10 bucks. It is interesting to see that there are creative games out there. As for the playstation, it has been a couple of centuries since we got a new game for it. I do not count Spyro because we had...

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Just as I said before, I wanted to have a garden I would enjoy photographing. This is just some of the photos I took. They feature all the best looking plants I planted. There was another one too. However, it is perianal and it is not in season. We are going to have to wait a couple of months before planting it. Most of the plants were in one piece. You can tell by how much roots cover the pot. If the plant has covered its entire container, it means that the plant is healthy. You can just eyeball it...

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