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This is quite the nice anime drawing of mine. It features a maiden themed after a Hawk Eagle. The eagle is native to the forest in Java, Indonesia. The silly bird is endangered because they like to nest in specific trees. If they were not so pesky about it, they could actually thrive. It is the ability to adapt to new things is what helps a creature thrive. On other news, I got myself a new flower bed. I will talk more about it tomorrow. I wanted to post a little short blog for today. We did some house calls,...

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I decided to feature a bit some of the best raw pages I made of my “SCARY CAT: AND THE SEARCH FOR THE OOOOHHH” book. Think of them as a bit of a sampler to the rest of the book. If you are interested, you can get it in Amazon in both print and kindle. I even got it translated to Spanish. The featured page is little Filipa traveling on her tricycle. She is going to visit the treehouse of one of her friends. I made the tree and the house with cute Kawaii faces. As for the sun, it...

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