The Giraffe with the Pearl Earring + 2 More Silly Drawings

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The Giraffe with the Pearl Earring + 2 More Silly Drawings

I was thinking of new drawing videos. I then came up with the idea of drawing a giraffe with a pearl earring. It is both a classical and a fun animal type of drawing.

Last year, I made a funny giraffe volume in my manga The Furies. All the characters were designed after giraffes. As such, I had a lot of practice drawing giraffe folks.

The video was edited to go a little bit to make the watching experience a little bit faster. Mainly, I just sped up the coloring stage. The lineart portion is just slightly sped up.

My brother also removed all the parts where I hesitated before drawing. I needed to think a lot more with these short drawings. With markers, a single mistake and I have to start all over.

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The good thing is that marker drawings get done a lot faster. As with most things, there are pros and cons. The art piece chosen for the giraffe drawing is the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer.

There is a super fake movie about this painting. As with most things folks speculate a lot of nonsense. She was just a draft for a more complete painting.

There are two girls with pearl earrings, and the final version is The Girl with a Red Hat. It seems like the final form of the painting. It has a background and everything.

This is just my little theory. Most folks prefer the Girl with a Pearl Earring because her face is what is considered beautiful today. The movie about the servant girl also helped.

The following drawing is about a Pikachu. I chose the fat Pikachu card as a model. I then fussed him with the Mona Lisa of Botero. It came out decent enough.

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I tried my best effort, with the drawing. My brother did not recognize the painting I alluded to. I tried my best as all. The final drawing was made in celebration of Groundhog Day.

It is a little bit early for it, but I figured I would make the drawing for it. The drawing is a blindfolded Groundhog. He cannot see his shadow if he cannot see. I thought it was something fun to put in the silly drawing.

I hope you find my simple marker works amusing. It is good practice and a nice change of pace. The videos are all going to be eventually be uploaded.

For the time being, I just have the one for the Giraffe. Depending on when you read this the other videos will be up and running.   

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