Among Us Parody and Valentine’s Day Drawings

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Among Us Parody and Valentine’s Day Drawings

Sometimes, it is fun to draw something funny, even if it is not too original. This is why I did this Among US Thing From Another World parody. Among Us has a lot of similarities with the movie The Thing.

I just thought both concepts would work together in a silly funny drawing. I also did a video showing you how I made the drawing. I will embed it in the blog once it is finished.

I try to do such silly drawings every once in a while. I want to keep things phresh, with a ph. The Among Us little guys are pretty easy to draw. The Thing was a different matter.

I had to think a lot before getting down to drawing it. For those not familiar with the Thing, the film is a remake of an old Scary movie. Both movies are about scientists who discovered a Spaceship under the snow.

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They then bring a lifeform into their labs, and it escapes. The Thing has the ability to take the form of any person. It mimics their voices and bodies as well. The Imposters might as well be Things, considering how they work.

Among Us even has an ice area reminiscence of the movie The Thing. If you don’t like blood, see The Thing From Another World. If you have a stronger stomach, see The Thing by John Carpenter.

The other drawing is just a simple Valentine’s Day drawing. I thought it would be a nice contrast. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I wanted to make a couple of thematic drawings.

I am trying for the images not to repeat. Whenever I think of a cute scene, I make the romantic drawing. I am trying to keep the Valentines thing tasteful. As for future drawings, I am still drawing a blank.

These drawings are a little bit simpler than what I usually make. It is not my usually drawing stand, but I try my best. The drawings hopefully will get better with time.

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