American Gothic Animal Crossing Painting Parody + 1 More Drawing

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American Gothic Animal Crossing Painting Parody + 1 More Drawing

I was working on making some silly painting parodies. I decided to stick with the well known paintings. These drawings usually take about 15 minutes to make. With more time, I can make a better drawing.

Still, drawing horizontally is not my natural drawing stance. This is the only way I have found to properly display my drawing videos. The overhead view was terrible, and the better version required added costs.

I am running a shoe string budget over here! In any case, the first anime drawing features Tom Nook and Isabelle dressed like the folks from American Gothic. I thought it was a funny idea, and then I went with it.

For the background, I used townhall of the Animal Crossing New Horizon game. It is the first and only Anime Crossing game I have ever played. It is good for passing time.

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The second drawing was a bit of a mess. It is the creation of Adam, but with Giraffes. God and Adam have Giraffe bodies. For the angels, I used penguins. I thought it made the drawing a little bit silly.

It is not my best painting parody, but it at least has good intentions. For a draft for something else, it works just fine. Aside from the drawings, I also made the videos.

They should all be up and about eventually. I will also embed them in this blog. My novels are progressing. The last book is almost done. The book before it is also in the publishing progress.

Once those two books get published, the Saturnastra series is going to be over for the time being. I will then get around making my vampire book.

As for the manga, I am going to finish the current Greek volume, and then I am going to work in the next Scary Cat volume.  

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