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Recently, I made this cute front cover for one of my books. I painted it with watercolor and the lines were done with ink. The ink I chose came from my Sakura Pigma Micron watercolor pens. As for the Watercolors, they came from US art supply. The scene shows my protagonist dancing. The columns are from the castle. It took me about two days to complete the painting. I used to do a bit of Watercolor in High School. It is interesting to revisit a skill you have not used in decades. It is good to see that I still...

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For the last couple of years, I had not bothered to make a single painting. I was mostly doing drawings and line arts. If I remember correctly, my last work of this kind was made in high school, with tempera. Three years ago, I asked my brother to buy me an entire painting kit, with watercolors, acrylics and oil. Anyhow, through this set, I started to play around with paints. As of now, I have only used  the acrylics. This is one of the results of my ventures.  I was making a front cover for my poetry book. The book...

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This is one of my recent pages of the manga The Furies. It features Kida getting dressed for a Hindu Wedding. She is in a foul mood because we did not animated her traditional Greek Wedding. When I say Greek, I refer to the Greeks of yonder times, not the modern day chaste Greeks. Greeks these days are but a shadow of their more entertaining selves.  As you can tell, the wedding dress has plenty of small details. I did a lot of research before crafting this dress. Its supposed to be red, but the manga is in black and...

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