La Casa Stop Motion BJD Book Review

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La Casa Stop Motion BJD Book Review

On the weekend, I developed a little book review for my own work. Instead of waiting for others to review my stuff, I decided to take a proactive approach. The review is not too long.

I don’t want to spoil the entire plot of the book. If I do, then there will be no point to reading it. While making the review, I came up with a little funny joke. I hope you find the funny element in the review amusing.

The book I used for the video is the actual print version. I own a copy of all my books. They are useful for promotion purposes. The video also continues a bit with the plot started in Going to the Psychologist. It is not an official episode. It is just a book review.

Still, the life of the dolls are continuing. I want to create the illusion that the dolls are alive, and that they have their own personalities. It adds value to the videos. Anyhow, I hope you find La Casa BJD Review amusing.

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