The Front Cover for Primordial Chaos

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The Front Cover for Primordial Chaos

I was waiting a bit for the print version. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for Amazon to get around to that. A couple of months ago, I completed a short story book. All the stories were based on silly dreams. It usually takes a couple of years to dream up something interesting.

At the moment, it is raining cats and dogs. I have been thinking of getting like a real day job. I would not have to if people like you would cooperate a bit. We all know the gig. Just make things a little bit easier for me as all. Anyhow, this is a silly watercolor painting that I made.

People tend to be impressed a lot by my watercolors. They cannot believe one can have such control with watercolors. The pen lines also help. As before, all the people in the front cover are characters. Aside from the twins, each one is from a different short story.

The maiden in the center is from the short story I feel the most confident about. I could tell you more about it or you could read my book. As before, the short stories are a mixed bag. I have some fantasy and some science fiction as well. I also have stories that take place in the real world.

With the passage of time, it becomes a little harder to have dreams that are awe inspiring. I tend to remember then forever as soon as I put them down on paper. The rest of the time my dreams are ephemeral. As before, I have a couple of short stories that brother person told me.

It helped to fatten the thin book a little bit. Speaking of fattening, brother person has been doing the diet thing. He is showing significant progress. I am happy for him. I think this is just about it as far as my nonsense goes. I hope things get a little bit better in the near future. You can find the book on Amazon. Just write Teresita Blanco. 

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