Deasura in Her Jellyfish Costume

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Deasura in Her Jellyfish Costume

I finally got around making the front cover for Deasura. She is part of my Saturnastra series. Each book is named after the protagonist. She is going to be about the 9th book. Even I cannot believe I wrote so much on the same subject. Usually, certain things tend to grow thin.

In the end, switching protagonist helped to keeps things lively. This book takes place by the coast. There will be a couple of navy battles as well. The main girl is a priestess and an incidental summoner. She calls forth some forgotten Gods to battle in her stead.

It is not so much that she orders them to. It is a bit of a Yojimbo relationship. For those who do not get there reference, I am talking about Final Fantasy X’s Yojimbo. He was a lively fellow. One always had to have a lot of money under the hat to afford him. He was always asking for ridiculous sums to battle.

The upside was that he fought well. Anyhow, this has nothing to do with the book. Deasura’s day job is as priestess of one of the local Goddesses from my made up world. Well, it is based on a world we are all familiar with. I am not talking about Earth, but rather Saturn. I like Saturn.

I think it would have an interesting night life with the belts and all those pretty moons. One can always imagine. Anyhow, the cult has a lot of dancing involved. As such, I designed this cute outfit for Deasura’s jellyfish dance. My brother and my mom thought it looked real cute.

I used the color wheel and everything. I tried hard to make all the colors compliment each other. I normally do a background. This time I did not want it to distract from the dress. She is the star of her own book. I could tell you more about it, but I prefer if you read my book on Amazon.

It isn’t fair to work hard on something not receive a just reward for it. Like you all know, the front cover was painted with watercolors and ink. The paper is from Strathmore. The watercolors are from US Art Supply. I have been able to get a lot of millage from this set.

As of now, my brother decided to have something of an Xmas. I have to look for stuff both for my mother and for me. We have a 100 bucks cap. We want to put junk under the Christmas tree. Changing the AC was not something too terrible. It at least lowered the light bill by 100 bucks. Moving along then, shall we.

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