Ambar Green Hotel Entrance

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Ambar Green Hotel Entrance

This is another one of my vacation photos. I took it with the big camera so it has high quality. This is the hotel Ambar Green. You do not need to remember its looks because there is like 8 other hotels that look identical to this one. The place was built like a maze. All the buildings and lobbies look the same, with a few minor differences. If one is not careful, you can end up in someone else's room. This actually happened to a fellow that knocked in our door. A lot of people were looking lost throughout the hotel. 

There was also a strange sort of classism going on with this hotel. The people with different color bands were treated better. We were the yellows, so, we got a moderate reception. The bed was a mess. It was like two solid rock slabs, with a thin bed sheet covering it. We went to one of those time share sales, to get a gift basket. The guy promised us an entire tour of the hotel. Instead we saw only one room identical to the one we had. The only difference was that the bed was slightly softer. 

The photos they put on the webpage are the ones from the really expensive hotel. Frankly, it is not worth the extra cash. I can assure you that all the rooms look 100 percent the same. Before checking in the first time, my brother saw a man complaining in the front. He was one of the time share weirdoes. He was complaining that the room that was promised to him was terrible. 

The seller was pushing for the package that had 40 interest rates. When we said hypothetically, that we were going to pay the whole thing cash, he was really annoyed. We were not really going to cough up the dough, but it was just interesting to say the least. Needless to say, he was selling like 10 different packages at the same time. He was juggling so many numbers, trying to confuse us. It was just as bad as when Petland wanted us to finance a dog like it was a car. I mean it's just a dog, where I come from dogs are worthless, in the sense that one doesn't need to cough up a month's salary just to get a silly mutt.

This is a bad sales tactics. At least in the US, people do not like to feel like they are being tricked. We are also not big on math. Alas, Punta Cana is a barter economy. The fool even offered to open a bank account in Punta Cana to buy the stupid time share. He did not care that we would fall into debt as long as he got his conversion. 

Frankly, buying timeshares in other countries is not worth it. The guys can screw you over, and since the US is hated worldwide, the country will not enforce the court decision. It is simply not worth it. There are better ways to lose one's money in pointless ventures, like buying penny stocks. This is just my thoughts on it. I am not big on traveling. I hate it! I only put up with flying on planes for the sake of my peeps. 

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