Anime Girl Kneeling Pose with Purple Hair

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Anime Girl Kneeling Pose with Purple Hair

It has been a while since I last published something on the website. The reason for it is Covid related. We finally caught the bug. We avoided it for 2 years. We were bound to get it sooner or later, with or without vaccines…we were vaccinated.

The medicines for it drained a month’s surplus, but we are still alive and kicking. Until I am completely cured, I am not going to do a BJD doll photoshoot. I do not want to have to disinfect the dolls. As for this drawing, I took the photo of its months ago.

So, it is basically all I have to work with as far as new blogging content. I might even add a new free book into the website for you folks to read. This is about everything that I have been up to. I am just waiting for the asthma to pass. Bye, bye, and God bless.

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