French Dancer in Oriental Costume from the 1900s

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French Dancer in Oriental Costume from the 1900s

This dancer was also part of the Salammbo paintings. Her outfit is an odd oriental and Hindu blend. The pattern of the skirt is my own design. It is nothing too out of the ordinary. It is better than nothing. The flowers also work just as well. The original Salammbo was said to be Carthaginian, which is a bit like a Roman. This maiden is neither Roman or Carthaginian. 

People did not care back then. All that matters is that the maiden looks adorable. These days people go crazy with being historically accurate. Some go a step further and even make people talk like they used to in the 1900s. This is only problem in the English language. The language has been evolving a lot. It only became understandable till recently. Others completed their evolution earlier, like in the 1500s. 

Then again, I only speak two languages. The older the English books the harder they are to understand. It gets worse when you reach Shakespeare. I never hand that problem with Spanish books like Don Quixote. The language of the 1500s is just the same as it is right one. Its fun to meditate on languages. People tend to take the spoken word for granted. Even though Spanish has been stable for a while, I prefer to express myself in English. It has no bizarre punctuation. 

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