Gardening Sister Flower Photos

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Gardening Sister Flower Photos

I have been doing the gardening thing for quite a bit.

I have a couple of photos in the storage bind. I then decided to share those photos with you.

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My flowers have progressed quite a bit. Most of them have gone to way of the dodo.

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I am down to one rose bush. It is pretty sad. The red rose bush died on me. This is why I ended up replacing the bush with two other flowers.

 artsy sister, sunflowers, gardening

The weather has been a bit wet. This is useful for my little saplings. The pumpkins are staring to grow like super nice. Aside from the photos, I am going to embed a video update of my gardening progress.

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Small scale farming is very rewarding. It is a good way to stress. Of all my flowers, only the Mexican sunflowers have produced second generation seeds. The butterflies in the garden do a good job in pollinating them.

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My butterflies for the most part stay in my garden. They have no incentive to wander, because all their needs are met. There is even a large tree for their tiny caterpillars.

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They are usually a bit of a problem when it gets windy. The Caterpillars fall in my little planters. This is not too much of a big deal. The lizards tend to make quick work of the little caterpillars.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, white roses

I have been thinking of improving my front garden. I still need to wait for the main tree to loose its leaves.

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It makes no sense to do gardening stuff with the leaves falling and the like. Aside from the gardening thing, the book has been progressing.

artsy sister, cute bee, bees

I have almost 20,000 words into the new book. I estimate that my vampire book is going to be completed by October, or maybe by the end of the year.

 artsy sister, gardening photos, cute flowers

It has been a bit of a slow progress around the edges. I am going to finish the story, before I get it published.

 artsy sister, yellow rose, gardening photos

Depending on the length of the final book, I might split it into a duology or a trilogy. In addition to the book, I am also working on the manga.

 artsy sister, cute sunflower, flowers

I also think I might make a Doll Theater the movie. I have a longer plot in mind. I might be pouring a lot of time into making the first Doll Theater movie.

artsy sister, cute flowers, gardening

Hopefully, folks will find a longer Dolly movie amusing. I might even pitch it to Amazon to see if I can get it inside the catalogue.

 artsy sister, cute roses, flowers

Well, this is what I am up to for the moment. I hope things are going well for you. I hope you find my floral photography amusing, and the like.  

 artsy sister, cute flowers, flowers

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