Hollow Knight Home Alone Fanart

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Hollow Knight Home Alone Fanart

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Christmas is just around the corner. So, I decided to do an Xmas Hollow knight fanart.

I chose the movie Home Alone for my parody. This time it is Hornet who is Home Alone. She sees in the window two robbers that are about to break into her house.

 artsy sister, hollow knight, fanart

Hornet fights with silk and spikes. So, she seems like a good trap expert.

For the Wet Bandits, I chose Lace and Sharpe. Both are bosses from Silksong.

artsy sister, hollow knight, fanart

They had the perfect look for this fanart. Lace’s weapon even resembles a crowbar.

Instead of a flashlight, I drew one of those butterfly lanterns.

 artsy sister, hollow knight, fanart

It has the perfect look. Don’t you think? I hope that this fanart makes you smile. There really isn’t much to tell about it.

My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, hollow knight fanart, home alone

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