Meditation on Tomatoes

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Meditation on Tomatoes

It has finally happened! The tomato vines finally have a decently visible tomatoes. If things continue well, I might become independent of buying Publix tomatoes.

A well-cared for tomato plant always increases in value. I suppose most folks do not find tomatoes all that exiting. It is just my ordinary life as all.

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As far as things that can actually come to pass, I have plenty of reasonable goals. When I was wee small, I wanted normal type of things. Think of the most mundane goals, and there you have it.

Being a writer was not even part of the equation. It is just one of those things that happened as all. I only got serious about the writing thing when I started University.

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I was like super bored of all the books. It was then when I thought that I would give writing a chance. I decided to write the type of book I would like to read. For the time being, I am going to be taking it easy with the videos.

I am like still in New Year vacation mode. It is not as if I can go anywhere, but it is the thought that counts. I have been thinking of doing a bit of a news segment. I will just do like 5 little news.

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Each segment will have a different theme. I am going to do 1 local, 1 national, a game news, an art news and a wildcard. I have a Journalism degree. It might be a good a time as any to highlight issues that I consider important.

Don’t worry, I am not going to take the downer or the preachy approach. There is enough folks out there trying to control you.

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Whatever I say, remember to take it with a grain of salt. It is all going to be like fun and games. 

I also changed up the dress of the dolls from doll theater. They have a winter, sporty type of look. I also changed the wigs in two of the dolls.

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When I get to it, I will also make a video about the making of doll theater, and my future plans for the show. My last Saturnastra book is progressing rather slowly. It has about 50,000 words for now.

I have not found a proper ending for it. I think this is about it, as far as my ramblings are concerned. I hope you are having quite the nice day. I also hope that you find my nice tomato photos amusing.

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