Meet Ace My New Puppy

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Meet Ace My New Puppy

My mom bought me a puppy for my birthday. I named him Ace, like Batman’s dog. He is a Jack Russell Terrier.

A friend of my mother had a littler of 5 puppies. By the time I went to pick the dog, they were down to just 2. The other ones had been adopted.

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The brothers were pretty similar. I took the smallest one. He is a pretty calm puppy. He doesn’t bark, but he does bite.

I have his chew toy always nearby. This keeps him from biting my laptop. On the first night, he was able to sleep by himself.

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The second night he demanded to sleep in someone’s bedroom. So, it seems like he is going to be sleeping in my brother’s bedroom at night. I am a light sleeper, so I wake up easily.

The dog came trained. He does his business in the garden. I also got some of his food. He came fixed, with his vaccines.

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The moment brother posted something of the dog online, people I had not heard of in ages came knocking at my door.

Others skype called to get a good look at the dog. I guess he is a pretty charismatic dog. He is still learning his name. He comes when I tap my leg.

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So, I can summon him to my side should I require it. He does not like to wander too far from the territory. My brother wanted to walk him, with a leach, like a regular dog, but it will take time.

He is more of an indoor, garden dog. So, here are some of the preliminary photos I took of the dog. He likes the grass a lot. He has a bit of a Dalmatian thing going for him.

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He has spots all over, including on his tummy. Naturally, he prefers me. He can tell that I am the alpha of our family unit.

Anyhow, the day we got our small visit, we were all napping. And then suddenly, there was a knock on our door. My mother’s friend Liz, loves dogs.

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She wore a mask, and invented a flimsy excuse to come see the new doggo. The dog behaved well with the guests.

He did not bite anyone. At night, he growled a lot at his own reflection, which was hilarious.

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All in all, he is a nice change of pace. It certainly breaks the monotony of our day to day situation.

Needless to say, you can expect to see a lot more dog related blogs in the future. We are already starting to look up doggie clothing for our pooch.

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Yes, we are going to be one of those people who like to dress up their dogs in cute little outfits. I think he will look quite charming dressed up like Batman.

Anyhow, if I go crazy enough to dress him up, you folks will be the first to see the pictures of Ace. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. The proud owner of Ace. Bye, Bye, and God bless.

Update: I gifted the puppy to two toddlers that wanted him more.

 artsy sister, dog, pets

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