Much Ado About Sunflowers

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Much Ado About Sunflowers

The week was a bit uneventful. There was far more interesting things happening with the weather. It was rather windy, and it did a number in one of my sunflowers. The other ones are looking ok. The weather got a little bit cold around the edges. It rained so I was able to save on water.

I have been editing my last book with my brother and mother. The new edition has a couple of more descriptions, and one or two things taken out. Everything is a work in progress. I decided to listen to my mother’s advice and I picked up a book. It has been forever since I read someone else’s work.

Hopefully,  I will be able to apply what I learn on my current inventory. The book is Therese Raquin. It was written by Emile Zola. More people should read this book by this French guy. It is just a well written novel. The good thing is that it was written before modern times.

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As such, it is license free. You can even make a silly movie about the subject matter. The book is useful in the study of descriptions and character motivations. It is also good at describing the inner workings of the mind of characters.

So, if you are struggling with that, this book is a good refresher course on that. Read it, and analyze it. I think this is about it as far as my nonsense goes. I hope you find this sunflower of mine entertaining.

I don’t remember if I posted already a sunflower photo. Either way, the photo is new. So, moving along. It is the picture of the smallest sunflower, and of the big one opening up. Well, Artsy Sister over and out. I really need to finish that book so I can get back to writing.

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