My First Red Bell pepper

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My First Red Bell pepper

Today I harvested my first red bell pepper. I made a commemorative photo of it. This time I waited for the fruit to ripen. Once it was nice and red, I harvested the bell pepper.

I pondered a bit on how to use it. In the end, I used it to flavor the spaghetti. The trick is to put it close to the end of the meal. This allows the spaghetti to get the nice flavor of the bell pepper, and it allows for the pepper to retain its texture.

Aside from helping with the flavor, the bell pepper can be eaten as well. When it gets nice and red, the bell pepper is a good source of Vitamin A and B. It also has B12 and dietary fiber as well.

I hope you find the photo I took of my Spaghetti amusing.  I always make the Spaghetti in my house. It is one of the few foods I actually know how to make. I also know how to make flan.

This is about it as far as my food nonsense goes. For the time being, I am going to work on my new travel videos. I went down to Key West. You can read all about it on my other blogs. So far, I only managed to make the butterfly video.

I still have 4 other videos to get to. I hope you find amusing the effort I placed into making those videos. I was just going on my mother’s little mental health vacation thing. I took a lot of mini videos. I can then stitch them together into more comprehensive videos.

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