Pouring Art Disability Pride Month: Disability, Bipolar, and Autism

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Pouring Art Disability Pride Month: Disability, Bipolar, and Autism

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(Disability Pride Flag)

Today, I got around to posting the flags I made for Disability pride month. I made three different versions of the disability flag.

The other two flags are for bipolar and autism. I hope that you find my new artwork amusing and inspiring.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring art

(Disability Pride Flag)

I first prepared the wooden panels by adding gesso to it. The layer of gesso had to be really thin.

This allows for a smooth flow of the pouring paints. The bipolar flag is not the official flag. I just thought that it was an interesting design for it.

 artsy sister, acrylic pouring, pouring art

(Disability Flag)

You can either love it or you can hate it. I use a straw to blow on the blue side of the painting.

For the yellow side, I used a stick to create the swirl pattern. The yellow represents the manic and the blue the depressive side.

 autism flag, pouring art, artsy sister

(Autism Flag)

For the autism flag, I painted the infinity sign with white paint. I then blew the infinity outwards.

That is how I created that interesting pattern. The other three paintings were made with different techniques.

 acrylic art, pouring art, bipolar flag

(Bipolar Flag)

The sideways one was done by just pouring the paint and letting gravity do the work. I painted the black sides first in order to trap the colors in the middle.

The abstract looking one was done with a funnel type of thing. I added a single droplet of black paint to give it a bit of solidity to it.

 artsy sister, acrylic, pouring art

The golden, copper and silver one I combed over it. I also added a bit of glitter into the mix.

Everything looks better with glitter. It gives texture and the final form shines quite nicely. As before, I took two photographs of the paintings.

 artsy sister ,autism flag, pouring art

The first version features the wet acrylic, while the other shows the finished dry results.

 artsy sister, acrylic, pouring arts

I think I talked enough about my pouring art.

If you see someone with a disability, please be nice to them.

 artsy sister, acrylic, painting arts

My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister.

Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, acrylic, pouring art

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