Spring Butterflies and a Blue Jay

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Spring Butterflies and a Blue Jay

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Today, we spent the time working in the garden a bit. I only went indoors just now because of the dizziness. It is like super-hot in South Florida. It is enough to melt one’s brains.

Anyhow, I saw this butterfly on my new sunflower and so I took a photo. Sunflowers are just precious. I have a couple of new saplings sprouting here, and there.

artsy sister, butterfly, gardening

Soon, I might have new tomato plants. When a tomato gets ruined by the birds the hawks missed, I usually just cut it on half and burry it in the dirt. Give it enough time, and a new tomato grows.

It is truly an indescribable feeling of having nothing better to do with one’s time. Anyhow, I took a short video of a blue jay.


I wanted to do one of the butterfly, but they fly away. Everything is a work in progress. I think this is enough for the time being. I hope your Spring Break is going well.

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