The Parrot Key After Irma

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The Parrot Key After Irma

It has been almost nine years since my family went to the Parrot Keys. We have been roaming about the place waiting for a decent deal. This year they had a special for AAA members. We ended up with a 20 percent discount. The better deal was for a villa that came with two rooms.

The only downside was the stairs. Still, we were used to climbing stairs since we used to live in Hialeah. The rooms were large and spacious. The place even came with a little kitchen and a living room. The first floor bathroom had a tub and a shower.

The second room just came with a tub, shower type of arrangement. Both beds were king sized. The couch was large enough to accommodate another person. Still, I do not think it is a couch bed. All the rooms had the standard TV. The TVs all came with basic Direct TV.

I saw a bit of Cartoon Network. It had been an eternity or two since I saw regular TV. I must say I am not missing much. Once you go Netflix, you never come back. Aside from our regular items, we also brought our little Nintendo. We were able to plug it in just fine.

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When not in the pool, I was playing the Nintendo Switch. Speaking of which, I am waiting for a new Dragon Quest game. I played a lot of it in the first version. I hope the second part is twice as big as the original. As of lately, the Square Enix people have not been inspiring much confidence.

Part of the reason is all the incomplete games. Both the Final Fantasy XV game and the Nier Automata were terrible. The first one was half-baked and the second had the Soul Box. There was just a lot of things that caused as not to want to play.

Recently, video games were considered a type of mental illness. In the old days, reading too many books was considered a bad thing, just saying. It isn’t the most damaging type of hobby. Aside from Diabetes, most gamers do not get anything too serious.

I think I am going to return to talking about the Parrot Keys. The place seems to have recovered rather well form the Hurricane. The exterior had pretty neat decorations. I saw like 30 different flowers. One of the pools even had bamboos. Three of the four pools were climatized.

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The one we chose to hang out in was the one that was really cold. The water jets released cold water. The one good thing about it was that not a lot of people could withstand the cold. It worked well because of the sand and the heat. All the pools were sparkling clean.

I would have taken some decent underwater pools, but my camera had a different sd card. It ended up not being compatible. This is more the pity. I guessed this might be a problem, as such I brought the main camera. The main things I photographed were the flowers.

We only went out of the hotel twice. The first time we went to eat at the nearby Dennys. It wasn’t too awe inspiring. The second time was at night. Some people had come to visit us. They were a bit odd around the edges, but they had a cute fat baby.

The baby was accident prone. It was always putting its head on the water to try to drink it. She ended up coughing up a bit of water. As such, everyone had to keep an eye on her. She also fell down a single step from the stairs. Nothing bad happened to her cause the floor was carpeted.

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At night, brother said there was an Outback near a Publix. We thought it was real close so we ended up walking there. It ended up being the second Publix. Long story short, we had to walk half an hour to the Outback and another half hour to make it back to the hotel.

The father of the brat had not planned to walk so long. As such, he did not bring the baby stroller. The man had to carry the daughter all the while. All the while, brother kept suggesting we get an Uber. I do not know why they did not want to take the Uber.

Anyhow, on the way back we found a shopping cart so the man did not have to carry the girl. He did not trust his wife with the silly daughter cause the girl had fallen a single step. I suppose I should not mention more about it. They left the following day.

I do not know why all couples we meet end up fighting with one another. I think we are a bad influence to couples. They see how happy you can be by your lonesome. That is not to say that brother doesn’t have a maiden. Rather, he spends most of his time with our family.

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I think this is enough with the pools. They were rather nice and the like. There was a bit of a beach area. It had the umbrellas and the hammocks. There was a mini dock that brought us closer to the water. The place did not have access to the ocean.

I think I am going to mention the food. The hotel had a lot of nice food. The breakfast was not greasy and the bread was perfectly toasted. For dinner, we ate pizza, a salad and a sandwich. Not all together mind you. Food wise, the best one was at Wahoo.

We ate there on the way and when leaving the Florida Keys. The place is in Islamorada. I ate there a totally amassing cheesecake. There was another nice in the Outback too. I had not eaten in Outback in quite a long while. The last time I visited the restaurant had milkshakes.

Those were the nice days. I wonder why they got removed form the menu. I think this is a long enough blog. I am going to call it short for the time being. I hope you find my ramblings entertaining and useful for your trip decision.

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