Welcome Home My New Rose

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Welcome Home My New Rose

Mother recently got her tax refund. With a small portion of it, we decided to give the front garden a bit of an upgrade. Most of the plants were bug infested or just plain dead.

It was time for a change. Anyhow, mom was making most of the decisions of the front garden. I usually mess around the vegetable patch. It is a bit of a chaotic mess, but it produces tomatoes so no one cares.

While shopping around a bit, I saw the prettiest rose there ever was. I decided that the garden needed a new rose. One of my rosebushes died. So, the other rose was missing a playfellow.

The one I got had a lot of roses sprouting. The leaves also looked healthy. Since it inspired me confidence, I got this new rosebush and then I took a photo. It has a lot more thorns than the yellow rose.

It is a mean, lovely little plant. I think tomorrow I will do a short video showing you all the small changes we made to the front garden. I also want to show you with the camera the new rose bush.

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I was going to do the video today, but the sun was setting. I was only able to get a decent photo of the rose bush. Also, opening holes makes me really tired. Today was the perfect gardening day.

It was sunny and windy. For that reason, I did not overheat or get a headache. Then again, this gardening thing is making me a little stout. Ever since I took to the gardening, I lost 15 pounds without dieting much.

My idea of dieting is just replacing one of my meals with a Caesar salad. The rest stays the same. I drink my Cola, and I eat my cheesecake slice. It doesn’t matter how you cut it.

Exercise is always going to work better than a magic diet. If you ask me, diets are the lazy way of going about weight loss. Also, the less you move, the slower your metabolism becomes.

Eventually, even a piece of grass will be enough to bloat you. Enough nonsense. I hope you are having a nice day.

I also hope my gardening adventures inspires you to give gardening a shot. It is both good for you and for the environment (this is assuming that you care for the environment).

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