1 Day Road Trip to the Parrot Keys, in Key West

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1 Day Road Trip to the Parrot Keys, in Key West

On Saturday, my family took a mental health day. We could only afford to stay one day in our favorite resort. This time we shared only one room. The room had two beds and a little porch, so it works just as well.

The last time I visited the Parrot Keys I was more photography oriented. This time I wanted to take lots of videos. I have been working a little bit more on the Youtube.

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Once the videos are strung together, they are also going to appear on this blog as well. I am going to post about three videos. The two that relate to the Parrot Keys and the road trip are going to appear here.

I am also going to show you a couple of photos here and there, that I managed to take. Nah! They are just stock photos from my last trip to the Parrot Keys. The place has not changed too much from 2019 to 2020.

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There where a lot fewer shops, which was sad. Still, the core ones where still there. Unlike last time, we actually went inside a couple of shops. Now, let us start at the beginning.

Mother person got up real early, and went to get tested. She does Ultrasounds, and it is protocol that whenever a fellow in her workplace gets sick, everyone has to go get checked.

The test came back negative today, so it is a good thing. Moving a long, while she was out we prepared a single luggage and then we headed out. On the way there, I was taking nice videos.

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I was also playing Pokemon Go. Key West is the place to go to play Pokemon Go. We ended up getting a room that had its own Pokestop. The pool area has a lot of creepy statues.

There was a little less plant life this time around. The trees where there, for the most part. Unlike last time, the middle pool was warm. It was pretty nice to swim in warm water.

Then again, sometimes you like to just take a dunking in cold water. It is a good way to refresh the brain. We brought sunblock, but we ended up not using it. We brought long sleeved shirts, which work better than sunblock.

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The road trip took a bit of a while. We did not make any stops. There was just a lot of random traffic. There is a spot that folks like to slow down to see the folks with their boats playing.

Then, there where the traditional accidents. Did you know that they are restoring the old bridges. With some luck, there might be two roads that lead to Key West. Anyhow, the road there had plenty to see.

From time to time, we saw shops as we slowly drove by. It rained a little, but only for like 10 minutes. Florida weather is like that. The temperature was a comfortable 73 degrees.

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It was neither too hot, nor too cold. There was a gentle breeze as well. The Resort itself still functioned the same. They did not have room service, for the obvious reasons.

The restaurant by the pool side was pretty good. We had pizza, again. We saved like 6 slices, which we ate for breakfast. The small room had a mini fridge and a microwave under the TV set.

As soon as we got there, we went to swim at the pool till sunset. At sunset, they close all but one of the pools. The one by the bar with the green lights stays open all night long.

The pool had nice music, and even a live performance. With the underwater camera we took a few videos of the pool area. It was all fun and games. We went to sleep around 12 A.M.

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We were going to head out, but we got like super paranoid at night. We played a bit the Switch, and Pokemon Go from the bedroom. While there, we had the TV on.

We saw the news a bit, and the story of the making of a movie called Come Play. I thought it was pretty neat that the monster was like not CGI. I am really sick of CGI.

It doesn’t matter how good the technology gets, everything done with CGI looks like a video game cutscene. Putting the scenes at night, also doesn’t help. Other than that, I can’t really say much of the silly film cause I only saw the promo of it.

After reading the plot over the top, I am a bit meh, about it. Augmented reality is not really my thing. I like better the idea of holograms. Anyhow, when we got bored we tried to sleep.

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With everyone in the same room, it became a choir of snores. I eventually fell asleep a bit, but it was after 3 A.M.

The following morning, we ate the microwaved pizza and then we loitered about a bit in the porch that faced the private beach of the bedroom. It is what you get when you take the bottom floor room.

There was two chairs and a hammock. Brother person napped a bit in the Hammock till 10 A.M. By then we checked out, and then we went to the south most point of Key West.

I will rant about that more in the next blog. After concluding our roaming, we ate at a random beach restaurant. We made a quick bathroom break, and then we finally started the trip back home.

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Along the way, mother kept dozing off a bit. We had to put Gente de Zona, Jacob Forever and El Chulo to keep her awake. We normally do not listen to them, but they were the thing that mother needed to stay awake for the drive home.

The drive back was actually a lot faster since there was little traffic. Most folks were going to Key West, not leaving it. It was just the nice mental health day we so desperately needed.

So, I hope you like these nice stock photos of Key West. I took them in 2019. The videos will show you what the place looks like on 2020. Bye, bye, and God bless.

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