A very Photogenic Clover Plant

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A very Photogenic Clover Plant

The quarantine in our home has been quite uneventful. Florida has gotten 100 cases of the virus, so now people can’t go out. I normally did not head out much, so the days have not changed much. I am still thinking about the next chapter in my book. The manga is progressing slow, but steady.

During my spare time, I play Tropico 6 or watch El Sultan. Tropico was on discount, so it seemed like a good a time as any to get it. I am still waiting for Animal Crossing. The baby sunflowers have started to grow. We planted those 1000 flowers seeds all over the new flower bed.

They come in all sizes. My mother got as a gift an avocado plant. My brother opened a hole for it, and today we got around to planting it. It just hit me that we have all the pollinators. We have the hummingbirds, the butterflies, bees, dung beetles, bats, crickets, moths and the not so popular mosquito.

The moths and bats are usually active at night. The others take care of the plants in the morning. The cardinal climbers of mine are looking particularly awesome. I had them wrap around my two sunflower plants. They are going to flower eventually. They are taking their dear sweet time.

I had some trail seeds to see if the ground was good for sunflowers. It turns out that it was. The birds don’t eat the sunflower seeds cause there are plenty of bugs in the gardens. It just doesn’t seem like it is worth their time. The eagle is back. I saw the feathers of two of its victim.

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He is a hardy fellow. Recently, I saw a Cardinal bird, a blue bird, a pair of nightingales and of course the humming birds. The garden has a lot of cats. We don’t feed them or nothing. One time I did try, and the cat ate the ham, but the second time he did not.

I think the cats don’t want to be fed, they want to hunt, like the T-Rex. I suppose there is plenty of food in the gardens. We do not poison the lizards, so they can eat lizards, and maybe whatever rat passes by. The lizards like a lot the rock fenced garden bed.

We painted some cool runes inside the sunflower rock flower bed. You can only see if you stand from the inside. The ferns were pushed back a lot. They were taking over the garden. Now, they are localized in the front, and in a circle in the back.

The ferns guard the home of the garden snake that appears from time to time. It eats the lizards, so it works just as well. The lizards eat the mosquitoes and the mosquitoes eat the humans. The circle of life and all that nonsense. We don’t have stagnant water and the pool has a cover.

The mosquitoes must be from a different backyard. The critters get around. I suppose some things cannot be helped. You can look after your yard, but not your neighbor’s yards. The yellow rose is with rose hip. The red rose managed to flower after a long time. Still, it doesn’t inspire me much confidence.

One of my climbing vines dried up, and so I am sad about it. As of lately, I have been doing a bit more of a diary approach to the whole blog things. Of course, I do not talk about everything. I just try to keep the information quite vanilla. I like vanilla. It is one of my favorite ice creams.

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The rest just stays in my head, cause I am brainstorming books. Most of the books I muscle through them in my head. It is very hard to spy on someone’s head. I am almost done with the Saturnastra Series.  I might come back to it later. I could focus on the non-alien characters.

The local wildlife needs books too. Last night, I was like super bored. I decided to try my hand at sewing. I read a good book about pattern making. It did have a lot of tips about making the clothing a perfect fit. Through darts, I managed to make something presentable.

Mother donated a shirt she has not worn in ages cause it is old and it makes her look fat. With it, we made two dresses. I was suppose to have figured out the sewing machine, but I struggled with it for hours before giving up. When I went to sew by hand, I managed to make some significant progress.

The dresses are white, and they are for the summer. You will be able to see them when I do the new header photos. The dresses do not open with the doll straps, because I do not have any. I started sewing on a whim. I made certain the dresses were stretchy enough to be easily removed.

I then used ribbons to close it on the back and on the top. Overall, it was a lot of fun, and something interesting to do with the time. I still have to make a dress for the tiny doll. I am going to get around it, tonight this Sunday. Hopefully, the project will go well. This has turned into like a super long blog. I hope you find my ramblings somewhat entertaining .

If not, you can see the progress of my garden. Only the very photogenic clover is a new photo. The rest are stock old photos. I try to use them sparingly. Most people find blogs without pictures to be rather boring. I hope you are staying safe at home, and if you get bored you can always download my books from the Kindle. Since they are online, you won’t get that nasty illness.

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