Andean Condor Anime Drawing

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Andean Condor Anime Drawing

Today it seemed like a good a time as any to write a little bit. The new book is progressing a little slowly. I am also working on fixing the house up a bit. The house I am referring to is the book titled the house. It is as good as any of my other works.

I am just a little bit neutral about it lately. I got to see about mother person reading a little bit of the book. It is almost done, and I want to finish editing it. I do not like having to work on two books at the same time. We recently tried to see some of the old Marvel cartoons on the Disney App.

When is Disney going to buy DC comics? Marvel is good at world building, but not so much on the plot thing. This is part of the reason why I do not like seeing those Marvel movies, except for Thor Ragnarök. We recently go the Sekiro game, which was on special in the Playstation store.

I am already having buyers remorse. It seems more of a chore than anything else, and I am not having fun with it. I am going to give it a break, to do something else with my time. I might go back to those silly Kaitosoft, mobile style little video games of the Nintendo.

I suppose I just do not have patience with games, or maybe it is a side effect of not feeling too awe inspiring. It rained, so it was good for the plants. Yesterday, mother replanted a flower, and it seemed a little dead, in the morning. It seems to be perking up a bit after the rains.

Replanting is always stressful for the plants and for people. We also started seeing the Homeland show. It is nice to see they got out of the politics, but I am still a little bit uncertain about it. It might just turn into Netflix, with its preachiness. If I wanted a sermon, I would go to church.

I just hate it when shows start getting too big for their breeches. A show or movie should always be foremost, entertaining. I transfer that style of nonsense to my books. I want them to be humoring, first, and foremost. I am a little tired today from the exercise and then whole gardening nonsense.

The sunflowers are looking rather amassing. Two seem to be in the process of turning into full flowers. The leaves don’t inspire much confidence, but the rest looks pretty amassing. I think this is about it as far as my serious nonsense. I hope you find this anime drawing entertaining.

She was made with markers. I would have more of those markers, but there is the taxman to consider. Also, one should only invest money in things that might make a return, or whatever. I am bored, so whatever, and I am so sick of the salad.

I miss the pizza, and the flans, not so much the cheesecake and the ice cream. Maybe, I am getting too old for sweets. Once you get to 30s, or something, you should really start watching your diet. Anyhow, good night and God bless.

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