Anime Girl Playing the Banjo Drawing

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Anime Girl Playing the Banjo Drawing

It was bound to happen sooner, or later. Behold! The Totally amassing banjo. Nice, sturdy, and with a sweet lyrical sound. Yes, I admit it. I love the banjo. Everyone alive should play the banjo.

The banjo was invented by the slaves in the 17th century, in the Caribbean. It was invented by folks from West Africa. It eventually made its way to North America in the 18th century.

The earliest depiction of the banjo is from an old 1795 painting. It is called The Old Plantation by John Rose. The word banjo is derived from the Kimbundu word Mbanza.

It is an African string instrument that eventually evolved into the banjo. Instead of a fingerboard and tuning pegs, the banjo has a stick neck, with strings loops for tuning.

The instrument started gaining popularity around the 1830s. It was used by all folks in the States to play Minstrels. The first famous banjo minstrel player was Robert Williamson.

As the years passed, the banjo evolved, and changed forms a bit. During the 1880s to the 1910s, the banjo was played more like a guitar. During these times, banjo players made efforts to elevate the status of the banjo.

They wanted it to get the same classical treatment as other instruments like the piano, and its cousin the guitar. With the modern age, came Jazz and Ragtime, and then the rest is history.

The banjo is alive and well, and it has its own place within country bands. Still, more folks outside of the country genre should give the banjo a shot. Can you imagine a Numetal band trying to work the banjo into their music?

I find that thought very amusing. So, if you are like a musician type of person, give a banjo player a shot, why don’t you? Who knows, you might actually like the music that the banjo produces.

As for the drawing, it was made with fineliner pens and coloring pencils. I hope you find this nice simple drawing amusing. Bye, Bye and God bless.

That is like my new thing now. There are enough curses flying about in the world. I think we could all use a bit of blessings to nourish both the soul, and mind.

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