Anime Girl Playing the Flute

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Anime Girl Playing the Flute

I am finally getting to drawing classical instruments. The flute comes in many shapes and sizes. Everyone is familiar with the flute. As far as popularity is concerned, the violin, guitar and piano do better than the flute.

If folks decide to draw a musical instrument, the flute is rarely considered for painting and drawing purposes. I do not see why. It is a lovely, easy to draw instrument. The flute is a reed less  wind instrument.

The oldest flute is about 40,000 years old. It was discovered in present day Germany. Other flutes have also been independently invented in Peru and China, about 6000 years ago.

Since it is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, practically everyone in the world is familiar with the flute. Even the Hindu God Krishna is famous for playing the flute. The flutes come in many different shapes and sizes. The materials used to make a flute vary from region to region.

They can be made of bamboo, wood, metal and bone. Today, the flute still has a place in both the classical orchestra and in the recreational setting. Still, the flute could be featured a little more.

It has been relegated to both classical and folk style music. It should also make some pop appearances as well. So, if you are a bored pop singer looking for a new type of sound, get a nice flute player to join your band.

I bet the flute will produce interesting results. As for the drawing, it was made with fineliners and coloring pencils. I hope you find my new anime drawing amusing.

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