Anime Girl Playing the Serpent Drawing

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Anime Girl Playing the Serpent Drawing

After thinking a bit, I decided to show you a nice anime drawing of the Serpent. It is a bass wind instrument. It is pretty obvious why it is called a Serpent. It is descendant of both the tuba and the cornet.

So, it has a little bit of both. It has the mouthpiece like a brass instrument; while the holes are more akin to woodwind instruments. It is a weird chimera in every sense of the word.

The range is usually around the C level. The instrument was invented by Canon Guillaume in France, in 1590. It was meant to work in conjunction with the choirs.

Around the 18th century, the instrument started appearing in Military bands and orchestras. Mozart even used two Serpents in his opera Ascanio in Alba. In the 19th century, it was phased out by the Tuba.

Its most notable modern day appearance was in the movie Alien, the one from 1979. The instrument is both fun and silly looking. Even if the Tuba has a lot more range, the Serpent has a certain something about it.

It also looks quite fun indeed. I can imagine the instrument being used by the main character of a movie or TV show. It is indeed, a very charismatic looking instrument that deserves love and attention.

More folks should write music for the Serpent. I think now I will mention the drawing itself. It features a lady in a nice Boho or hippie dress. I had recently gotten bored of the Mori style.

I then decided to draw my anime maidens in a type of hippie fashion. They certainly do dress nicely. I kept up with the same hairdo and eye pattern, with the red hair and the green eyes.

It helps tie the series together. I have been thinking of what other silly series like this one to make. This is not to say that I am running out of instruments. There are still plenty of musical instruments left on the list.

I will get to them, when I get to them. On the meantime, enjoy this anime drawing featuring the Serpent. Oh! Before I forget, I made the drawing with fineliner pens, and coloring pencils.

Any type of pencil will do. I have a pretty decent control over the shading. Scary Cat V.2 is almost done. I am just doing the dialogue in both English and Spanish.

The book did well in the Spanish market, so I am going to try to release both books around the same time. I think this is about it. I hope you are having a good life, bye, bye and God bless.

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