Artsy Sister Visits Chesapeake Beach Resort in Islamorada, Florida

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Artsy Sister Visits Chesapeake Beach Resort in Islamorada, Florida

On Saturday, I drove down with my family to the Chesapeake Beach Resort. We often drive by there on our way to Key West.

Since we wanted to explore a new location, we decided to stay there for two days. We rented one bedroom, with two beds.

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The two-day stay was only worth 980 bucks. It seemed like a pretty good deal for a room with a view to the ocean. Plus, it was the Memorial Day Weekend.

The pool was within walking distance. The only issue I had was with the door. It did not close right.

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The manager person told us that we had to slam the door shut. This ended up being the trick for getting the stupid door closed.

Whenever you visit a hotel, always make certain the door closes right before heading out. The interior of the room was nicely decorated.

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It came with a microwave, a mini fridge and a TV. The bed was comfortable enough. The standing shower is easy to manage, with good pressure and heat.

Breakfast is included but you need to fill out a form and deliver it to the reception before 10 P.M.

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The choices are nothing too far out there, just cereal, a breakfast sandwich, a muffin and a banana. For the price of 0, the breakfast is pretty decent.

If you want to have a real meal, my favorite fish restaurant is within walking distance. The restaurant is called Wahoo Bar and Grill.

I had my usual shrimp, mother had fish and brother had churrasco. I took nice photos of the plates, in order to help you get inspired. The Soda was as flat as ever.

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Get a lemonade or a margarita, instead. Once we rested our meal, we went to the pool. The pool was big and quite refreshing. It is deep enough to drown inside.

That in my book constitutes perfection as far as pools are concerned. So, if you are smaller than 7 feet, you might need to be careful when splashing about.

The time in the pool was spent decent enough, till a toddler blessed it with her little presents. We then left it in order to roam about the area. There is a decent variety of museums and restaurants nearby.

We went to the Theater of the Sea. The Theater is going to get its own dedicated blog. Once we got bored of fooling around, we returned to the bedroom to watch TV.

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It had been quite a while since we saw real TV. It felt like I was watching commercials, with a bit of movie sprinkled in between.

The movies we saw where all the Die Hard films, and White Chicks. On the second day, there came a Thunderstorm, so we had to stay put.

Florida is the capital of deaths by lightning. All in all, it was a vanilla affair. I would return to the Chesapeake Beach Resort.

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The staff was amicable and pleasant, and I got a decent night sleep, in spite of my mother’s constant snoring.

Before I forget, I saw that the Resort allows you to bring your pets. I took a decent number of photos of the place. I hope you find my photos amusing.

This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God bless.

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