Artsy Sister Visits Key West Museum of Art and History

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Artsy Sister Visits Key West Museum of Art and History

Last month, we took a mini vacation to Key West. I visited this Museum the day after visiting Hemmingway’s Cats Museum.

This was before the bad times again. It was nice to have a break from like everything. Key West seemed like back to normal.

It was nice to see humans enjoying their time. The place was a bit full, and there were bad folks roaming the streets.

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Whenever a lot of fishes gather, the predators head out to hunt. Putting this aside, the weather was fine, and everything was pretty.

While there we decided to visit the Key West Museum of Art and History. I do not normally go to Museums.

I do not visit them because everything is like super far away. I live in a heavily rural area, and I only like to go out to eat.

artsy sister, key west museum of art history, art history

This is good cause I am not a big fan of crowds. The Museum was pretty empty. Only one lady was tending to it.

While there, we saw a small group of brats going on tour of the museum. Other than that, everything was super mellowed out. We spent about two hours in the Museum.

I think the entrance was like 10 bucks. I do not remember off the top of my head. Most of the exhibitions where open.

There was not a guided tour however, due to low influx of visitors. Like most of the stuff in the Florida Keys, there was plenty of mentions of Hemmingway.

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There was even a fun statue of the fellow. Most of the stuff in the Museum where fish and boat related. There were even some small miniatures of boats here and there.

I like miniatures a lot. As far as ambience, the museum had a good vibe. It was a nice relaxing visit. I liked a lot the few dresses on display. They should showcase the fashion of the old days a lot more.

I like looking at vintage outfits a lot. The clothing of the modern days is so unappealing and boring. There are notable exceptions here and there, but none that I can think off the top of my head.

If you ask me, the biggest innovation in clothing is happening in the world of BJD dolls. There are a lot of cool outfits made for dolls that look freaking amassing.

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The overall point of this rant is that I like dolls. Museums should feature vintage toys a lot too. If they want to teach history to brats, they can meet them halfway by show casing vintage toys.

I have a lot of fun ideas as far as Museums are concerned. The Museum in Key West was pretty interesting. I liked at lot the architecture of the place as well. I saw a lot of random cool chimneys.

The exterior itself is pretty massive. I feel there was more stuff to look at, but it was blocked off in certain places. We visited during the low season. Then again, the main Museum that gets visited often is the house of Hemmingway.

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When I finished the visit, I went to the gift shop. The Museum had a lot of cool little stuff. I bought a music box and cute mermaid book, that was really informational. I like picture books a lot.

The art of making books has become lost over the years. In the 1920s, the books used to be really fancy. They came with plenty of illustrations and everything.

Now, you are lucky if you get a book with an inspired front cover. I suppose there are some things that cannot be helped. I hope you find amusing the photos I took inside the Museum.

It should give you the gist of what you can expect to find there. I hope you find this blog both educational and informational.  

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