BJD Doll Chateau Photoshoot Long Hair and Butterfly Jeans

BJD Doll Chateau Photoshoot Long Hair and Butterfly Jeans

This is my latest photoshoot featuring my Doll Chateau Ashley. The outfits were made by GlamouriaDollClothes. She is a vendor from Etsy.

artsy sister, bjd doll, silver hair

It is always so difficult to find outfits for my Doll Chateau doll. They just have quite the fun looking anatomy.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, pink hair

Mine cannot seem to stop slapping her face. It is really silly. Dolls usually improve my overall humor.

 artsy sister, doll chateau, teresita blanco

The first photoshoot focused on short hair, while this one features the same look with long hair. One is a straight wig, and the other a curly haired wig.

artsy sister, bjd doll, pink hair

During this photoshoot, I tried to mess about a bit with the position of the hair. The hair is very fun to move about in order to add to the drama of the photo.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, fashion dolls

The jeans also function well to add to the stability of the legs. I also like the movable fingers of the doll.

 artsy sister, pink bjd, dolls

I have been thinking of getting a new Doll Chateau Doll. I am waiting to see if a nice one goes in Stock.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, silver hair

As far as my doll purchases are concerned, I have been leaning a lot more to the middle sized dolls. Most of my bjd doll collection are 1/4 in size.

 artsy sister, pink hair, bjd dolls

In the photos, I also showcased some of the new Greek Stuff I bought in Tarpon Springs. I think that makes this photoshoot a little bit more amusing.

 artsy sister, silver hair, bjd dolls

I need to get new props for my photoshoots. I have been thinking of buying myself a few Legos. I used to play with those blocks when I was wee small.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, cutes

I sometimes muse about rebuilding my toy collection. For the time being, I am just going to be focusing on my nice bjd dolls.

 artsy sister, butterfly, bjd dolls

Depending if the air conditioner problem gets fixed, I might have funds to have a real Christmas. IF not, my cat doll is going to be my Christmas present.

 artsy sister, pink hair, bjd dolls

Well, I am not the only person in the entire world with financial woes. The plants are growing just as I planned.

 artsy sister, silver hair, bjd

I will probably be able to harvest my first Papaya in a couple of more months. They have been rather useful in Luring hummingbirds.

 artsy sister, pink hair, bjd dolls

The wildlife in one’s backyard can be quite diverse and interesting to see. Aside from the gardening nonsense, I have been working on the second part of the Sacred Mask.

 artsy sister, silver hair, bjd

It picks right up from the start of the other book. There is not even a small time jump. I suppose this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned. I hope that the world is treating you well.

 artsy sister, bjd, cute

My world seems just about the same as before. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God bless. If you buy a print version of one of my books, I would truly appreciate it.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, cute

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