BJD Spring Fashion Photoshoot

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BJD Spring Fashion Photoshoot

I recently did a little short video about the new dresses of my dolls. I was planning to just feature them in my stop motion videos.

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It suddenly hit me. It had been like forever since I did a bjd doll photoshoot. With photography, I can get more poses that are impossible for me to manage with stop motion.

artsy sister, handmade doll, fashion photo

Photoshoots work just as well as doll videos. Folks seem to like doll photos a lot as well. I took about 50 photos.

artsy sister, handmade doll, fashion photo

It was 10 photos per doll. When the new doll arrives, she is going to get her own dedicated photoshoot.

artsy sister, handmade doll, eva bjd

I am going to see how many ballet poses I can actually manage. For the background, I used the great arcane lake.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, fashion dolls

I liked how that background came out. It has a nice mystic vibe to it. While taking the photos, I was reminded of the fact that I really need to get a doll stand or two.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, cute toys

My mother was like taking a nap when the doll fell backwards. It pushed the background and everything.

 artsy sister, handmade doll, cute toys

To avoid waking the mother, I reached to grab the background quickly. The motion of it caused me to get a wicked paper cut on my hand.

 artsy sister, handmade dolls, cute pose

The cut is like an inch long. It makes typing hard. On top of everything else, I almost dropped the camera and the doll as well.

artsy sister, fashion bjd, bjd dolls

Despite my best efforts, the doll tipping over on top of the table caused noise. It was enough to wake my mother from her after dinner nap.

artsy sister, cute dolls, bjd dolls

She gets her 50 winks whenever she can. It is hard to sleep when she is worried about the world and stuff.

artsy sister, cute dolls, bjd doll

Last night, she stayed up all night thinking about cake. She had been binge watching this cake guy. He has a TV show in the Youtube.

artsy sister, cute dolls, fashion bjd

After being hypnotized by his cake show, she decided that his cake show was using some mind control mechanism to get you to see the show all the time.

artsy sister, ring doll, ringdoll

The long and short of it is that she is not going to watch the cake show anymore. It works just as well for me.

artsy sister, cute dolls, ringdoll

Frankly, most gourmet cakes I have ever tried have been short on the cream. They look pretty, to be certain, but the taste for the most part is not too awe inspiring. I want a gourmet cake.

 artsy sister, cute ringdoll, tang ge

A regular dulce de leche cake works just as well. Every so often in the local Publix, they bring out the good baker.

artsy sister, blonde hair, ringdoll

You can just tell by the quality of the snacks that the fellow knows how to cook properly. There is following the recipe, and then there is the caring enough aspect of making it amassing.

artsy sister, cute doll, ringdoll

Last week, we went to my favorite Sushi place Bonsai in the 8th Street. It recently did a menu update.

artsy sister, cute doll, ringdoll

They had a cool dessert called FBI. It was Fried Banana Ice Cream. As for me, I tried a cheesecake tempura. It was to die for.

artsy sister, ringdoll, fashion photo

Only Thai folks could have thought of frying a cheesecake. It was hot and real yummy. If you are ever in the 8th Street of Miami, do check out this place out. I am just thinking of that place again.

artsy sister, ringdoll, cute doll

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am like starving. I normally eat a midnight snack before writing till 2 a.m. Since I got caught up with the photoshoot, I forgot to eat my snack.

blonde, handmade dolls, ringdoll

I also did not take my second bath of the day. I like bathing a second time before going to sleep. It gets a fellow nice and relaxed. It is also a great way to stay in shape.

artsy sister, handmade doll, ringdoll

I have a hard time writing in the morning because of Dragon Quest Builder 2. I start thinking about building tiny baths for my Chibi beefcakes.

artsy sister, cute dolls, handmade dolls

It is really hard to concentrate on writing when you are thinking about Chibi habitats. It certainly goes to show that graphics are not everything.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, ringdoll

There is such a thing as good enough. On a side note, I did a stupid Final Fantasy 7 Remake rant video.

 artsy sister, handmade doll, ucanaan dolls

I spent like 10 minutes talking about the things I did not like about the game. Mainly, I just hated the VR System that was used to get the Summon Gems.

artsy sister, chucky, chucky doll

It removed all the Fantasy out of my Final Fantasy game. Now, back the photos themselves. I tried to keep all the poses of the ball jointed dolls varied.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, chucky dolls

I started with the tallest lady. The pink and white dress was a bit hard to style, but I worked around it as best I could.

When I got horsy with rage, I then tried to take photos of a different doll. Since the main doll had about 10 photos, I tried to match the same number with the other dolls.

artsy sister, fashion doll, doll photos

All the photos were taken with flash. At least, I have a camera that is reliable. It takes really good high quality photos.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, doll pictures

You can feel its age when I am zooming in and out in the videos. You hear that the lens might need a bit of grease.

artsy sister, fashion doll, doll photos

I got the camera for my birthday in October 2015. So, basically it is more than 5 years old.

artsy sister, ucanaan, ucanaan bjd

Since it still get the job done, I am in no hurry to change up the camera. I tend to not change up my devices for years, and years.

artsy sister, cute dolly, ucanaan

My last computer was like 7 years old when it finally became too much of a bother to use.

artsy sister, ucanaan, handmade dolls

Then again, I only use my computers to write and to work on the website. For that reason, I do not really require such a powerful PC.

artsy sister, red hair, fashion dolls

As long as it has a strong defense, and it doesn’t take forever to load stuff I am happy. You know, I think I have rambled enough for one day.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, doll photos

Still, I am not too certain about how much writing I am going to need for the photos.

artsy sister, cute dolls, handmade dolls

This is going to be a picture blog for the most part.

artsy sister, cute dolls, doll photos

Before I forget, the brunette and the red head are Ucanaan dolls.

artsy sister, cute doll, rosen lied

Both are second had purchases, and I have owned them for about 5 years.

rosen lied, artsy sister, fashion dolls

The ball jointed doll with the curly hair blonde wig and the pink top is Rosenlied.

rosen lied, artsy sister, blonde bjd doll

She too is a bit of an old girl herself, well she is at least old, as far as the doll market is concerned.

rosen lied, artsy sister, fashion doll

Most ball jointed doll designs get retired after about 2 to 4 years.

rosen lied, fashion doll, handmade dolls

Since they are handmade, the creators cannot do the mass production thing.

rosen lied, artsy sister, meditation

They also need to prioritize new dolls, and old doll designs that actually sale.

rosen lied, handmade dolls, doll photos

If you are curious about seeing old dolls, there is a way to go about it.

artsy sister, rosen lied, pink shirt

You can use the wayback machine in the Internet Archive.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, rosen lied

You can then put the address of your favorite doll store and then see what they had on inventory back in the days.

artsy sister, rosen lied, ballerina bjd

So, that is something fun you can try out.

artsy sister, rosen lied, fashion doll

Using the wayback machine is also useful for bored ball jointed doll artists looking for a bit of inspiration.

artsy sister, rosen lied, nice dolly

It is also an interesting way to see price fluctuations on the doll market.

artsy sister, rosen lied, pretty dolly

If you are curious about the doll market as a whole, this is an interesting method of seeing how it all plays out.

doll chateau, artsy sister, fashion dolls

For now, bye, bye, and God bless.

doll chateau, artsy sister, gothic doll

Happy bjd doll hunting.

doll chateau, artsy sister, fashion gothic

I think I should eventually write a comprehensive little blog about my shopping experience with ball jointed dolls.

doll chateau, artsy sister, fashion photo

As a dolly blogger with a shoe string budget, I need to think through a lot before shopping.

handmade dolls, doll chateau, fashion photos

If you have money to spare, get a Popovy Sisters Doll or a Trinity Dollmore Ball Jointed Doll.

artsy sister, doll chateau, fashion dolls

If not, get Ucanaan or EVA BJD.

doll chateau, gothic doll, fashion dolls

Azone Japan ball jointed dolls are also a good affordable option, but they mainly sell dolls that are 1/6 in size.

doll chateau, handmade doll, artsy sister,

Opps! I ran out of blog words.

 doll chateau, fashion dolls, artsy sister

I write my blogs on a word document. 

doll chateau, artsy sister, fashion dolls

I am almost done adding the photos.

artsy sister, fashion dolls, handmade dolls

I kept the highest quality of the main photos, except for the cover image of the blog. 

artsy sister, fashion dolls, doll chateau

I try my best. 

doll chateau, blonde doll, artsy sister

Words are good for arranging photos. 

artsy sister, fashion dolls, doll chateau

This blonde dolly is doll chateau. 

artsy sister, handmade dolls, doll chateau

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