Blue Fox BJD in a Dainty Red and White Dress

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Blue Fox BJD in a Dainty Red and White Dress

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It has been a while since I photographed my cute fox doll. I dress the little fox in both male and female dresses. He looks so cute, regardless of what she wears. Not that it matters much.   

The little bonnet was the final detail on the doll. It is interesting to pose the doll with the cute fox tail. The tail is a little bit heavy. So, at times, it may move the doll about. Everything is a bit of a balancing act.

I still have plenty of outfits for this dolly to wear. If you are interested, the doll was made by Dream Valley. They make fantasy dolls. I like their mermaid dolls a lot. They have a pretty cool design.  

I might probably get a new one from them for my Birthday. It is still a while to be thinking that far into the future. For now, I am focusing on writing my new book. I have plenty of ideas here and there. 

I think I ranted enough about my dolls for one day. There is going to be a video of this photoshoot in my Artsy Sister Youtube website. Please give a like and subscribe. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

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