City and Rural Area for Doll Theater

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City and Rural Area for Doll Theater

I was making a new background for Doll Theater. As you know, I have about 4 project boards.

artsy sister, cityscape, cute painting

In order to get more backgrounds out of them, I am now painting both sides. The outside has the rougher painting. and the inside the stuff I want to keep secured.

artsy sister, cityscape, acrylic painting

When it came to the final project boards, I had to work on logistics. So far, I have two types of backgrounds.

I have a background and a middle ground. Due to the size of the project board, I painted two scenes.

artsy sister, cityscape, painting

There is one on the top and another on the bottom. The bottom part of the project board features a city. The top part features a rural area.

One looks a bit twilight like. The other is a sunset. This is at least useful for practicing landscapes.

 artsy sister, rural painting, cityscape

The colors I used for the paintings are the ones I have a lot of. I am working on using up all my old paints.

I might get some new paints in the near future. For the time being, I am just thinking up a lot of nonsense here and there.

artsy sister, rural landscape, cute

Anyhow, I also feature the details of my background. I need to get around to making an actual large painting.

Aside from painting, I finally got through the first chapter of my book. It is progressing nicely.

I do not know how long I might make the book. It might be a miniseries, or a long project.

artsy sister, cute painting, rural

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