Cloudy Moon Photos

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Cloudy Moon Photos

A couple of days ago, they said there was going to be a lunar eclipse. We went out to see it, but then we got bored and paranoid. It turns out that the eclipse was only going to be visible at 4 a.m.

Since that is prime mugging hour, we returned home to go to sleep. Most lunar related stuff usually occurs at the most inconvenient of times. Still, I did manage to take a couple of decent photos.

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Most of the good photos were taken when a cloud passed by. This is going to be a long weekend. It is going to be nice having mother home.

We cannot go anywhere because all the folks from the other that States are coming to Florida to start something. Miami Beach is practically a war zone. I am exaggerating a little.

artsy sister, full moon photos, lunar eclipse

Then again, there are more bad drivers than usual. This is always a cause for concern. Frankly, this is part of the reason why we moved to a semi-rural area.

Back when we lived in Hialeah, everything was peachy till the place got over populated. As the population increases, so does the crime. It is the same pattern everywhere.

Part of the problem is that the number of cops does not increase proportionally to the increase of citizens. I suppose there is no reason to bother about problems that I have no way of solving.

I have been washing my hands on many things as of lately. IF I cannot fix it, then why worry about it? Folks should really only bother with things that they can actually change. I am no longer going to be an echo to another person’s cause.

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 There would be no point to it. Talking about a problem has never fixed it. If talking was the panacea for all problems, then the world would be a peaceful place, indeed.

The long and short of it is that I wanted to make this blog seem a little longer. I am getting close to the time when I do a progress report on the gardening thing. The progress report is for no one, for the aliens or robots maybe.

 The pumpkin flowers are just about to bloom. I gave the pumpkins some sticks for them to climb. They seem really happy about it. I will deal with the heavy pumpkin when I deal with it.

On the meantime, I am just playing it by ear. For now, enjoy these couple of night photos. I worked really hard on them. Well, not really too hard. I heard bats, and I had to run inside. I do not want to get rabies.

 artsy sister, full moon photo, gardening photos

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