Cuban French Toast or Torrejas Dessert Recipe

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Cuban French Toast or Torrejas Dessert Recipe

Torrejas is a pretty common, and popular Cuban dessert. It is not treated like a breakfast meal. It can be eaten with ice cream as well. I have tried it with vanilla and strawberry ice cream. It is delightful. Each family has its own variation of Torrejas. Today, it is Easter and I was feeling a bit hungry. As such, I asked mother to make me some Torrejas.

Brother person and I documented the recipe. Together, we made a real nice infographic. If you follow the tutorial, you will be able to make your very own Cuban French Toast. These toasts are best eaten fresh, straight out of the frying pan. As far as syrup goes, it is best to make your own. We made one using sugar, and a bit of cinnamon sugar diluted, and melted in water.

Cinnamon goes well with just about any type of desert. I remember once eating a Copa Lolita, with cinnamon powder, and caramel syrup. I don’t know, something about the day is just giving me a bit of a sweet tooth. As far as serving goes, the Torrejas were split right across, to form nice triangles. It makes it easier for the bread to cook. It also allows the syrup to get right in there. Torrejas can be made with either old, or new bread. It makes hard bread edible.

The syrup allows the hard bread to soften, but only after spending an hour in the refrigerator dipped in syrup. Torrejas also work as a cold meal, but I prefer it hot. As a side note, be careful when using hard, old bread. Once the bread gets moldy, it is like no longer edible, so be careful my little chibis. Always check your old breads all about before dipping the bread inside the mixture. I think next week I might do another one of these silly blogs.

I will show you how to make my super amassing Spaghetti. Anyhow, I hope you find this little tutorial useful or whatever. In case the infographic is confusing, I will spell it out, in like a normal fashion. The torrejas are made with toast bread, but your can use any other type of bread you have in the house. Just slice the bead up. If you use too fat of a slices, the breads will not get cooked right.

Like you meats, you can cook the bread from medium, to rare. If the bread is too soft, you can put it in the toaster to harden it to your personal preference. Following, you need to prepare the mixture that is going to bathe the Torrejas. This mixture is made with whole eggs, a cup of evaporated milk, a tiny pint of salt and a cap of pure vanilla spice. If you plan on making super large badge, you can double all the ingredients.  

As far as whole eggs, I mean that you use the white, and the yellow of the egg. The evaporated milk is from Publix, but you can use normal milk, if you like. Once you have the mixture, with all the ingredients, stir it and let it rest for a bit. On the meantime, get the frying pan and oil ready.

Put the oil on high, and then throw the toasts soaked in the mixture into the frying pan, but be careful not to get burn in case the oil starts bubbling. As the oil heats up, the torrejas get cooked. Then lower the heat, otherwise the new bread will get burnt to a crisp. The toast should be put on a separate plate with paper to drain the oil. When all your toasts get done, then make the syrup.

The syrup is made with a cup of sugar, and two spoonful of cinnamon sugar, and a quarter cup of water. Put it inside an enamel bowl, with nonstick sides and then heat it, till it acquires a syrupy form. Once it is done, apply it over your torrejas, and then you are done. I hope you had as much as I did writing this, as you did reading it.

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