Doll Theater Episode 3: Going to the Psychologist Stop Motion Video

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Doll Theater Episode 3: Going to the Psychologist Stop Motion Video

I was thinking up of funny skits to do in the vacation. I was like swimming and thinking. I think best when I am going a sports activity that I actually like. I have not been in a pool in like forever.

There is like a good chance that we might install a new, longer pool. Anyhow, the video is about Elvira worried about a new doll that is coming into the house. She does not like the idea of being replaced as all.

The new red head doll Ashley is not being too useful. I planned this skit based on all the movie and tv show psychologists that are no help at all. I have never been to a psychologist, nor have I ever studied psychology.

So, don’t take anything in the video seriously. It is all for fun and giggles. As before, it is a nice type of stop motion video. It took like half a day to take all the photos. I am settling down a bit on the proper length of each video.

I am not a big fan of trying anything too long. I might get desperate or bored. So, for the time being, the videos will only be between 1 to 3 minutes in length. Some might be longer depending on how inspired I become.

The time each photo takes increases depending on how many moving elements are there in the video. One doll equals longer videos. More than one, and then it starts taking like forever.

Anyhow, I hope you find it amusing, and subscribe to my Youtube Artsy Sister. It would like help or something, but only if you enjoy my stop motion video.

I would never ask a fellow to do something that they do not enjoy. Life is meant to be fun, not to be a long chain of compromises and commitments to things you do not like.

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