Dollmore Odette BJD Doll In Black Dress Mini Photoshoot

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Dollmore Odette BJD Doll In Black Dress Mini Photoshoot

In this photoshoot, I focus on Odette wearing a black dress. At first, I did not think the dress would fit.

artsy sister, ballerina bjd, bjd doll

The top seemed a little small. It also did not have any zippers. In the end, it was a nice perfect fit.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, bjd doll

The waist was stretchy enough not to require zippers, buttons or Velcro. For those who did not read the first blog, I bought the dress and the new wigs from the makes of the doll Dollmore.

artsy sister, ballerina, dollmore ha seol

They were having like a special on wigs. I bought like 4, and 3 dresses as well. I have been setting aside a 100 bucks monthly spending budget on miscellaneous.

artsy sister, bjd doll, cute dolls

I am not a big fan of credit card debts. I know it is the fashion of the States to have at least 100,000 bucks.

 artsy sister, ballerina doll, toys

Still, for me that seems a little cavalier. I am the over cautious type. I suffered a lot in my early life, more than you can possibly imagine… Anyhow, now I do not want to take any risks of any types.

 artsy sister, ballerina bjd doll, dollmore bjd

While folks look for a cheap thrill, I look for peace and tranquility. Dolls are peaceful and tranquil.

ballerina, fashion doll, bjd doll

With the exception of haunted dolls like Annabel, most dolls have never done anything bad to their owners.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

Most do not do anything to begin with. If they did, humans might expect them to work and get day jobs.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, bjd doll

I suppose it might be good to go on a different type of rant. When I was like wee small, my grandmother had three small little dolls.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

They were unique looking and different from the Barbie I had gotten from the States. When my father was around, he would not allow me to play with them.

artsy sister, bjd doll, ballerina doll

As soon as Grandmother and Father where not around, my other Grandmother Julia would take one of the dolls out of the crystal display and hand it over to me.

 artsy sister, fashion doll, ballet doll

I was like super careful with the doll because I knew that if the doll broke, the game would be up.

artsy sister, bjd doll, fashion doll

This is why I have an affinity for unique looking dolls. It just makes them feel a lot more special, as all. As far as Ball Jointed Dolls are concerned, my fondness for them are tied to Bloodborne.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

I liked the articulation of the Plain Doll, and I thought it was fun that she was alive and that she blinked. Ideally, I would like a 1:1 scale replica of the Plain Doll.

artsy sister, ballerina, fashion doll

I would not know how to go about acquiring such a thing, and I am not good in the sculpting department. It is just a passing fancy as all. Anyhow, thanks to the Plain Doll I got my first BJD Doll.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, dollmore

Two years passed, and then I got two more, and now I am up to six ball jointed dolls. I have like a seventh doll coming. She is a pre-ordered. The shop person estimated that the doll would take about 6 months to make.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, dollmore

It has been a month and I am like getting a tad impatient. By a tad, I mean like super impatient. I was just testing out to see how I managed things. With pre-orders, you get more customization options.

artsy sister, ballerina fashion doll, handmade doll

If they are new dolls, they are also a lot cheaper. With in Stock items, what you see is what you get.

ballerina, fashion doll, artsy sister

Part of the reason why I am getting a bit antsy has to do with my lack of faith in the future. Who knows if the world will still be around sixth months from now?

bjd doll, dollmore, fashion doll

I do not know if it has anything to do with my despair demons that I have to deal with everyday of my life.

ballerina doll, fashion doll, artsy sister

Whenever I think of my future, I just cannot seem to imagine a good scenario. It is such hopelessness part of the reason why I have never been close to anyone, except my mother and brother.

 artsy sister, teresita blanco, dollmore ha seol

Even with them, there are many things I keep hidden. Still, I am making the effort to be a bit more open about my feelings with them; if only to retain some degree of emotional control.

artsy sister, ballerina fashion, dollmore bjd

As far as friends are concerned, they thought me a very nice, and polite type of individual.

ballerina, bjd doll, artsy sister

Folks tend to think that if you are polite and nice to them, that it means that you enjoy their company.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

I am nice and polite as a self-defense mechanism honed through my schooling years.

ballerina doll, fashion doll, dollmore

I have been quite nice and polite to many folks whose company I found intolerable. Enough said. Moving along. Back to talking about dolls. Yes, dolls are precious things indeed.

artsy sister, dollmore, ballerina doll

Whenever I am drawing a blank, the dolls are useful for inspiration and motivational purposes.

artsy sister, fashion doll, ballerina doll

Before you start thinking that I am a tad crazy, I want you to remember what Claude Frollo asked of Quasimodo.

artsy sister, ballerina, teresita blanco

Dolls like Stone do not talk… to me in specific. You might have a different experience with dolls.

artsy sister, ballerina, fashion doll

So, if your dolls are good conversationalists that is a fine thing indeed.

bjd doll, ballerina doll, handmade doll

If they only say bad things, go to a doctor or something.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, handmade doll

Dealing with humans is bad enough.

artsy sister, handmade doll, fashion dolls

Folks do not need bad mouthing dolls to add to the stress pile.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

As far as my photo blogs, I tend to add a bit of writing.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, handmade doll

I feel that it is a little bit pointless.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, dollmore

I write the blog first, and then arrange the images around the words.

 ballerina, handmade doll, dollmore

The blog serves to provide some breakpoints for the images.

ballerina doll, dollmore, bjd doll

I am not under any illusions that folks are going to read what I write.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

If I obsessed about being read, I would not make much progress as a I writer. Well, this little blog looks longwinded enough.

 artsy sister, ballerina doll, handmade doll

If you bothered to read this blog, I am sorry if I made you a little bit sad. If I made you happy, it pleases me greatly.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

I do not wish to cause suffering onto others. I am not that type of fellow. I worked hard on all the doll poses. I did not use any references.

bjd doll, ballerina doll, fashion doll

I just kept trying to get the nicest types of angles. I also tried to keep the poses Artsy. I think this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned. I still have the third part of this photoshoot to show you.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, ballerina doll

For now, enjoy my Dollmore BJD Doll in a nice black dress. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. In Reddit, I am known as the Dolly Blogger. That is not like my actual ID, just a nickname. Anyhow, enjoy the nice dolly photoshoot.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, fashion doll

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