Dot Hack Gu Swimsuit Edition Fanart

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Dot Hack Gu Swimsuit Edition Fanart

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I was thinking of making a Dot Hack Gu fanart. After drawing a blank, I decided to do a swimsuit fanart. It just hit me that I have never seen them in swimsuits. This is surprising seeing as though this is an anime game.

Beach episodes are pretty common. It just seemed like a missed opportunity. Plus, Atoli is all about enjoying the polygon graphics of the World. So, a beach event would totally be her thing. 

To go along with the beach theme, I also drew Pi and Aklaid. I used as reference this pinup Art Frahm painting. I used the swimsuits and the poses. All I needed was to change the anatomy here and there.

I grew something and shrank other things. I also had the swimsuits match their color palettes. I think the fanart came out rather nice. I hope that you find it amusing. I made a video of this fanart.

You can check it out in my Artsy Sister, Youtube and Tiktok channel. Please like and subscribe. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

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