Drawing Columbina

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Drawing Columbina

Columbina is a stock character for a comedy opera. These days people only see Perriot. Modern people know him in his current incarnation, the Mime. However, in the old days, he had a girlfriend. He ticked her to death because she cheated on him. Anyhow, This drawing of Columbina was made in three stages. 

First I drew her with my pencil. As you can see, the pencil is pretty worn out. I like to get the most out of my pencils. The Pencil belongs to the Royal and Langnickel company. The intensity of the pencil does not matter too much since it is going to be erased. 

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Once the character is defined, I paint over the key details with pen. I chose the pens that matched the color I would later add in pencil. Once the key features were define, I erased the pencil. The last stage focused on coloring in the spaces. With color one need not get too crazy with shadings. For shading, I used a grey color pencil. 

The color pencil belongs to Dewart. I have worn through the gray and black pencils a lot. You can see in the photo how much usage I get of my color pencils. I hope you like my little Columbina. In English, she is known as Columbine. 

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