Falco Cherrug Anime Dress Drawing

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Falco Cherrug Anime Dress Drawing

The world outside doesn’t inspire much confidence, for the obvious reasons. Things are a lot worse in South Florida. Do you remember the movie Jaws? Well, we are stuck in a similar situation. Everything is business as usual for the most part. I am not going to be to specific about it, because there are petty bastards out there.

My family is doing its best to stay isolated. Still, mother must go to work, for very petty reasons. There are some things that cannot be helped. We are not financially solvent enough for mother to send her employers to the hell that they belong to. All I can do is pray for her not to get sick.

This is all the fault of the people who keep saying that the earth is overpopulated. If you think that a fellow person deserves to die so that you feel a little less crowded, then you are no different than Thanos. The solution to over population is simple. We must terraform Mars, and the Deep Ocean.

It is a pity that the doctors and scientists from the past worked hard to save lives, but now the new generation is working hard to find a way to terminate it. Those who think like Thanos should lead by example, and get a nice ax to the head. It is all sourness and good, but it is impossible to try to make oneself immune to the climate of today.

We would not have all these problems if the preachers of death did not exist. Mankind has great intellect. Death should not be the solution to a problem. Death is the easy way, the caveman’s way. A smart person would find a way around any problem. The purpose of life, is to live.

It is survival of the fittest after all. You do not see animals saying that over population is a problem. As bees would have it, the more the merrier. They live in cramped spaces, and they are quite jolly about it. This is all pointless rambles. I was never the type of person to imagine that my life would have any meaning, or make the world a little better.

I live for my family, and nobody else. There is so much injustice in this world, and people’s solutions to those problems are only self-serving. Well, I am not going to bore you with my nonsense. I am just going to unplug my brain, and go write my silly fantasy book.

I hope you find this anime drawing amusing. It was done a couple of months ago. I only got around to posting it. It was done with Copics, Stabilo pens and a Sakura Pigma Micron pen. The bird is a silly type of falcon. The dress is something a dancer wears. I just changed the pattern to make it more bird like. The makeup also follows in suit.

I hope you are staying safe, and that you are not cursed by your employer to go out into the world. For those that are cursed, just pray and hope that God does not abandon you, and that even if you do not find justice in this world, at least in the other you will be at peace.

Don’t forget to do your part as well. Wear masks, eye glasses, and gloves, and as soon as you get home wash your entire person, including your hair. Whatever you touched as you were returning home clean it with the Clorox whippers or something.

This is what my poor mother has to do everything she has to go out. My only wish is that my books or my store one day makes enough money so that she is never forced to endanger herself again. For now, it seems like it won’t happen either today or tomorrow, but that is still no reason to give up.

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