Flora in Golden with Orange, Blue and Purple Flowers

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Flora in Golden with Orange, Blue and Purple Flowers

It has been a bit of a while since I made a nice floral painting. I just like trying new things around the edges. The floral itself is simple enough. I googled a bunch of flowers, and then I painted my own versions of them. The first florals I made had green backgrounds.

As time went on, I tried other different types of backgrounds. I did golden this time in imitation of those medieval paintings. I just thought it made the florals pop. They are hanging up in a pretty high spot in my room. I have been making the paintings smaller because I am running out of space for my artwork.

I should really get around to selling something or other. With painting sales, it is best to do commissioned work as all. Painting something and waiting for a client to appear only works for established type of people. As for the painting itself, it was made with Liquitex paints.

I gave it a Liquitex glossy Varnish, or maybe it was a matte. I forget. I made this little painting a while ago. I only recently got around to posting it online. I feature orange a lot in my work as of lately. I do so because not a lot of people paint with the color orange.  

Orange is a pretty nice color, and so is purple. The canvas I used was Arteza. It gets the job done, and it is within the range of an artist working with a shoe string budget. It is the shoe string aspect of my work the reason why I never build up thick applications of paint.

I only do so when I am not able to return the paint to the tube. The brush I used is the same one I got from my original US Art Supply painting set. It gets the job done. I usually paint with the same brush all the time. Since I did not receive a formal art education, I learned by trial and error.

I use the same method for my stop motion animation projects. I do so hope you find that little something I am trying out amusing. I recently published a new volume of The Furies manga. You can see it here in Artsy Sister, or you can go directly to the Kindle. The new cat book is progressing slowly.

I have more scenery shots than in the first issue of the book. I also tried to have a lot less white on the book. It makes the pages easier to photograph, but it uses up the good markers at an alarming rate. I used my camera instead of a scanner.

I am always looking for the cheapest solution to whatever problem I run into. I am not a big believer that all problems will be solved by just throwing money at it. If one bothers to think, a fellow will always run into the most cost efficient solution. In any case, I hope you like this new painting I am showcasing.

It was photographed with my good old trusty Fujifilm camera. I had the same camera for about 5 years, and it still works great. Then again, I have been real careful with it. I have not dropped it from any considerable height. I hope things are going well for you, and thank you for giving this little blogger your time of day.

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